Waste Disposal Management

In our endeavor to provide holistic solutions for a better tomorrow, we provide turnkey solutions for complete waste disposal management. This includes all components that make for a world class waste disposal management system.

We provide these turnkey solutions to varied clients including Municipal Corporations (Municipal Corporation of Delhi and others), Institutions, Corporate Houses, Housing Societies and Builders, Hospitals, Hotels and Restaurants, Schools and Colleges, Resorts, Parks and other public places, Farm Houses, Caterers for functions, marriages, events and fetes, Cinema halls, Malls, etc.

The key area within our capabilities is Solid Waste Management.

We have an expertise in manufacturing equipment for all types of solid waste management needs, such as MS bins, wheel barrows, cycle rickshaws, tippers, refuse collectors, dumper placers, cattle catchers, road sweepers etc. We also develop sanitary landfill sites and have already developed many sites that range from 2 acres to 10 acres. Apart from this, we also offer extensive services for developing and maintaining Waste Transfer Stations under the Solid Waste Management services. These are critical in reducing the cost and improving the impact of waste management because they use the concept of creating single large shipments of municipal waste by converging several loads of waste collection trucks into a single Waste Transfer Station.

The Waste Disposal Management solutions provided by us have following unique distinctions:

  • Eco friendly Waste Management
  • Aim to transform waste into new raw materials
  • Cutting edge expertise for all kinds of waste problems
  • Services include garbage compaction, use of transfer stations, processing of garbage and management of sanitary engineered landfills
  • Expertise through environmental, chemical, structural and mechanical engineers, biologists, geo-hydrologists as well as civil engineers
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Blow Moulding

Blow Moulding is a manufacturing process for moulding single-piece plastic objects in which a thermoplastic is extruded into a split mould and blown against its sides.


It is a plastic shaping process in which heated resin is clamped over a mould while positive air pressure blows the resin into its desired shape. It begins with melting down the plastic and forming it into a preform, a tube-like piece of plastic through which compressed air can pass. There are three main types of blow moulding – extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding, and stretch blow moulding.

They have following advantages:

    • Economic on large scale productions
    • Largely automatic process, less manpower

  • High product durability (irrespective of raw material quantity)
  • Latest technology
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Rotational Moulding

Rotational Moulding

Rotational moulding, also known as roto moulding is a process of manufacturing hollow plastic products. This technology has expanded the capabilities of polymer product manufacturers by enabling them to create light-weight, seamless, stress-free parts of virtually any size in the most complex shapes.


It is a high-temperature, low- pressure, open moulding plastic forming process that uses heat and biaxial rotation to produce hollow, one piece parts. Roto Moulding has always been thought of as the ideal process for producing large tanks. This technology offers tremendous flexibility both in design and production, and the ‘double wall’ construction creates a lightweight product with good structural integrity.

It has following advantages:

    • Use of centrifugal force and not pressure, to fill the mould
    • Low tooling cost
    • Flexible design parameters
    • Excellent load bearing characteristics
    • Easy wall thickness corrections
    • Versatile process used for a wide variety of products for diverse market sectors
    • Time tested

  • Easily customizable in terms of weight, no. of layers, shape, colour etc.
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